Gifts That Last Forever

Handwritten letter giftIf you are looking to give a gift that lasts forever, give a loving message to your loved ones that you can have sent regularly after you pass. Forever Present is a gift and message after death service that allows your loved ones to enjoy and feel your presence after you’ve passed. This service is extra special because your loved ones can not only receive a nice physical gift (flowers) but also loving messages in your own words. We can even provide calligraphy services for your letters, or do audio or video recordings. If there is a certain gift that you want to have sent recurring, but it is not on our site, we encourage you to call and ask, we may be able to help you! 

Some of these gifts can last forever in your loved ones hearts, or physically in their life if you choose recurring gifts to be sent. These gifts are not like ordinary gifts that are often replaced with new items down the road. These gifts come from the heart and have more meaning than any single tangible item can provide. Please visit our shop and see the different gifts you can send out to your loved ones after you pass so they can remember you. 

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Please let us know if you have any questions about our services. We have a limited selection in our shop, but may be able to work with you if you want a different gift to be part of the recurring gift option or as a single gift. We want to be able to provide your loved one with a gift that lasts forever with the most meaning!

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