Legacy Planning

flowersLegacy planning can be a sensitive subject. Yet, it is often a very important part of planning out who will get your assets after you pass. Though this is important, we believe it is important to continue to foster a connection with your loved ones so you can remain forever present with them. We do this by offering gifts and messages from you to your loved ones after you pass. You pick the dates, the amount of recurrence. 

Our Difference

We are not an estate planning or legacy planning company in the sense that we help decide where your assets and finances are allocated to after you pass.  Instead, we hope you consider us as an extension of your planning and think of us as a means of extending your relationship with your loved ones. The beauty of our service is that you can choose to handwritten the letters for an extra personal touch. You can customize your messages the way you want. We offer video messaging options as well. Make your messages as special and personalized as possible to put a smile on your loved ones face when they receive your message. 


Handwritten letterEveryone’s lives are different but you have a chance to single out the important dates of your loved ones and send them gifts or messages on these dates. These can be recurring or even a one-time delivery. Recurring dates may include birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or something a little more personal that only your loved ones will appreciate. We will enter your requests into our database and stick to the schedule that you create. If you are worried about people relocating or you live longer than expected, just contact us and we will work with you to adjust your schedule or refund 50% of your purchases. If you change your mind about an item being sent, your items will be eligible for a full refund within 30 days of the purchase date.


As part of your continuation of your legacy, you can also send gifts. As of right now, we have a variety of floral arrangements to send. This pairs extra nicely with kind, loving words directly from you. If there is something else you want to send, we can do our absolute best to work with you and get those items sent. Please contact us and talk about what you need. We want to accomplish what you envision for your loved ones and the extension of your legacy. 

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Again, passing down material items and assets is important, but with Forever Present, we help to allow your spirit to live on with loving messages to the people you care about most. Contact us to get started with your planning how you will extend your legacy with your own words and gifts.
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